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Self-Care Ideas: 6 of Our Favourites

Self-Care Ideas: 6 of Our Favourites


Self-Care Ideas: 6 of Our Favourites


Prioritising mental and emotional health is just as crucial as focusing on your physical health. Whether it’s taking 15 minutes out of your morning to meditate or turning off your phone during family game night, each of these tips and tricks lets you feel at ease after a long day. Read on to learn about different self-care ideas that promote mental well-being and all-around happiness.



Self Care Ideas

Staying Hydrated

Drinking eight cups of water per day is critical. Not only does consuming water provide physical benefits, such as glowing skin and muscle stimulation, it makes you feel good, too. Because water energises the body, you’ll feel more alert. In the master bedroom, keep a carafe and cup on the nightstand to quench your thirst at night. As you wake up in the morning, immediately have a glass or two of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon to jumpstart your metabolism and flush out toxins. You don’t need to limit yourself to just water either. Tea is a wonderful beverage to enjoy, especially as the day winds down. Prepare a pot or single cup as you wrap yourself in a cosy throw blanket and catch up on your favourite TV show.

Using Aromatherapy

When it comes to stress relief and relaxation, aromatherapy facilitates unwinding. The soothing fragrance of essential oils creates an ambience in any room. If you’re working late in the home office, set up a rose, pine or lavender reed diffuser on the corner of the desk for a subtle fragrance that’ll put nerves to ease. Nestled in between the pillar and votive candles, a scented candle enhances the glow with a calming aroma. Introduce essential oils into your beauty routine as well. For example, throw some botanical bath salts into a warm bath, or switch to soaps that contain calming oils. Consider making a self-care basket for the bathroom to house all of the essentials for your next at-home spa day.


Self Care Ideas

Unplugging from Technology

Whether we like to admit it or not, technology plays a big role in our lives. Quick checks of social media, emails and everything in between inevitably add up. Set yourself a daily limit and stick to it, vowing to turn off or silence phones, tablets and laptops before family dinners, an hour before bed or as soon as you get home from work. Place your electronics in the living room media console or entryway table so you won’t be tempted to constantly check the devices. And, when you wake up in the morning, commit to not touching your phone until you’ve officially started your day. This self-care idea easily reduces stress first thing in the morning, making early alarms (from a clock, not your phone!) just a bit more bearable.

Practising Meditation

Although spending time with family and friends is important, so is allocating some alone time for yourself. What better way than meditating? Whether you’re a novice or a skilled pro, this simple method doesn’t take a lot of time and makes you feel at ease. Start by sitting on a comfortable surface—think of a floor cushion from the playroom or a large pillow from your bed—whatever feels best for you. Then, take deep breaths in and out, solely focusing on mindful tranquillity. Depending on your personal preference, turn on some relaxing music or ambient sounds to keep your mind in a soothing state. You’ll soon find this practice indispensable to you every day, ensuring an interlude of peace of mind.


Self Care Ideas

Reading a Book

Often overlooked, reading is an easy way to unwind. After a stressful day at work, escape with a great novel, or simply catch up on your favourite news stories with your go-to newspaper. Consider designing a reading nook in the house to facilitate a sense of retreat. Begin by accessorising the corner with a comfy accent chair and side table. Pick a pattern that complements the room’s existing furniture, and make sure you choose a comfy cushion as well—you’ll be spending a lot of time here. Add a couple of bookcases to each wall so your novels are within arm’s reach. As a final touch, set up an ottoman to kick your feet up. Don’t forget about a floor lamp for extra light and a coaster for your teacup.

Getting Sleep

Improved sleeping habits significantly alter your daytime mood. Make sure your bed contributes to a night of restful sleep by refreshing your bedding in the master bedroom. Begin by dressing the mattress with 100% organic cotton sheets. Not only do these fitted and flat sheets breathe better, but they’re also naturally soft, durable and chemical-free. Use an on-trend duvet cover to encase a plush comforter, too. When it comes to pillows, those with a feather-down or down-alternative fill are important for a good night’s rest. As fall and winter approach, opt for a flannel sheet set that’ll keep you toasty every night. Be sure to determine your schedule ahead of time in an effort to accomplish eight hours of sleep. As soon as you’re tucked away in bed, set your alarm tone so it plays a delicate melody that helps peacefully wake you up, making getting out of bed easier.

Now that you know how to treat your mind right, get started with our self-care ideas. Do you already have a routine? Show us what it looks like with the hashtag #CrateStyleSG.


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