Mixology 101: Prepping The Home Bar for Fall

Mixology 101: Prepping The Home Bar for Fall


Mixology 101: Prepping The Home Bar for Fall

As the days draw in and the evenings grow chillier, it’s the perfect time to put away the rosé and mix up warming fall cocktails—think Old Fashioneds, warm bourbon cider, cinnamon tequila sours or even pumpkin spice Moscow mules (yes, it’s a thing).


 First things first: Make sure your home bar is equipped with the essential tools and barware to make an at-home fall cocktail hour a success.


A set of quality bar tools

Bar tool sets are curated with the essential tools needed to mix up endless varieties of cocktails. A standard bar tool set will include a:

 Jigger to measure liquor and spirits in mixed drinks
 Bottle opener to easily pop the cap from any beverage
 Muddler to mash fruits, herbs and sugars at the bottom of the cocktail glass to release flavours
 Strainer to remove ice from a cocktail as you pour it into the glass


A cocktail shaker and bar spoon

Shaken or stirred? Depending on the drinks you enjoy, you may want to have the bar accessories on hand for both mixing methods.

 Cocktail shaker to mix, chill and aerate drinks. Shakers are typically used for cocktails that contain fruit juices, simple syrup, dairy or cream liqueurs, which do not mix together as well when stirred.
 Bar spoon to delicately combine ingredients directly in the glass. Stirring is used to make mixed drinks made with distilled spirits. Bar spoons are at least 12 inches long and often have a muddler attached to one end.


Different drinks = different drinkware

If you enjoy exploring new wines and cocktails, make sure your home bar has a variety of drinkware styles at the ready. We recommend having a selection of glasses for mixed drinks, beers and different wines—reds, rosés, whites and champagnes.


Go for beautiful barware

While a home bar is meant to be used, it is also a decor element in your home. So have fun layering in barware and drinkware that is as beautiful as it is functional and make your at-home cocktail hour feel even more special.


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