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Kitchen Organisation Ideas

Kitchen Organisation Ideas


Kitchen Organisation Ideas


Kitchens are often the busiest room in your home—families come together, friends hang out, and (most importantly) you prepare meals. Oftentimes, it’s also the most overlooked when it comes to organization. Good news: Finding functional fixes for your space is easy and invigorating. All it takes is a few kitchen organisation ideas and tips from the pros to get you started. Let’s get cooking.


Kitchen Organization Ideas

Out with the Old

Start by going through your drawers, cabinets, and pantry. Taking inventory of what you have will make it easier for you to begin the kitchen organisation process. Plus, you might just come across something you’ve been missing. It’s also a good time to replace broken utensils and gadgets.

Grouping is Good

The easiest way to organize your kitchen is to group items in terms of use. Corral baking dishes, muffin tins, rolling pins, and heavier baking tools into lower-lying shelves; go-to glassware (wine, tumbler, water) should be grouped at arm’s length. Keep everyday dinnerware accessible, and place entertaining dishes on a higher kitchen shelf, stowed away in a sideboard, or displayed in a cabinet. Practice the same grouping philosophy when it comes to your pantry: Asian ingredients on one shelf, Mexican on another. Flours here, sweeteners there. Try to think about what you use most (olive oil, lemons, salt and pepper) and keep those items closest at hand — we love tiny countertop cellars for salt and pepper, colourful bowls for citrus, and handsome pourer for olive oil drizzle.

Be a Little Lazy

Lazy Susans aren’t just a 1970s phenomenon — the trick to modern-day kitchen organisation is to think outside the dinner table. Place it in a wall cabinet to readily access pantry items like sauces, spices, and jars of honey, or stick it under the kitchen sink and fill it with a dish soap dispenser, dish towels, and cleaning supplies. If you have an island, a Lazy Susan is an excellent hold-all for napkins and jars of everyday utensils and makes a perfect display for bowls of citrus.

Move Over

Think about how you move in the kitchen: You want to keep items you use frequently (pots, pans, knives) close to your cooking zone (usually the stove). If you have space, knife blocks keep your blades and fingers safe — and make a statement, too. Pot racks come in all shapes and sizes and are fantastic for freeing up cabinet space. Hang a ceiling version or get playful with a bookshelf pot rack for your favourite cookbooks. If you have a corner to spare, a standing pot rack adds charm and makes a beautiful display for all sorts of cookware.


Kitchen Organization Ideas

Plough Your Piles

There’s an old saying about kitchen (and life) organization: A place for everything, and everything in its place. Take your piles and break them down piece by piece — we guarantee you’ll find a spot for everything. Replace the stack of counter cookbooks with a stand (there’s even one for iPad users), and hang a magazine rack for your daily and monthly reads. Keep anything that shouldn’t be relegated to the kitchen — receipts, chequebooks, mail—in office storage containers and letter holders.

Keep It Neat

Can’t discern your baking powder from your flour? Stock up on clear containers, smartly label them with a label maker or washable marker, and your shelves will thank you for it. Try labelled coffee and tea canisters, juice jars, spice shakers and syrup pourers, and bread boxes — all will keep your food fresh and looking fantastic.

Designer Drawers

Drawer organizers are a game-changer. They keep items neat and your head clear. Expandable flatware trays save space and make it simple to separate what you use every day from special occasion pieces. Larger gadgets belong in organiser trays to keep them compartmentalised.

Counter Intelligence

De-cluttering the counters puts your mind at ease and lets you focus on the task at hand, be it cooking or socializing (or both). If you’re short on cabinet and/or counter space, consider a storage island or cart with a butcher block or stainless steel top, or a bar cart. You’ll get added chopping surface area and, with a bar cart, a creative, mobile spot for more than just liquor (think: special occasion flatware, cookbooks, coffee accessories). If you’ve got counter space to spare, think about items that deserve a spotlight: Hang mugs on a mug tree, set bottles of wine in a wine rack, and display your favourite dishes on wall-mounted shelves.

Now that you’ve read through our kitchen organisation ideas, you’re ready to dive in on your own. Believe us when we say: Your organised kitchen will feel like new.


What are your favourite ways to organise your kitchen? Share them with us by using the hashtag #CrateStyleSG.


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