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How to Decorate for the Holidays Using Ornaments

How to Decorate for the Holidays Using Ornaments

You’ve decked your halls with boughs of holly and trimmed the living room tree. But still, there are boxes of family Christmas tree ornaments to unpack. Turn your home into a winter wonderland by using your collection of ornaments in unexpected ways. Whether it’s a family ornament passed down through the decades or a beautiful glass orb gifted to you on your first anniversary—wrap your home in the spirit of the season with some of our Christmas ornament ideas.

Christmas Ornament Decorating Ideas

Come on in

Drape a Christmas garland of rustic ornaments and holly over your front door. If you live in a colder climate, be sure to choose ornaments that can withstand the winter elements. For a modern visual pop, place a topiary on each side of the front door and trim with a monochromatic colour scheme. We like the shimmer of all metallic ornaments for the holidays.

Once inside, welcome your guests with an entry console table dressed for the holiday. Wind a leafy garland down the centre of the table, tucking candles and red and green ornaments along the way. Include kids or grandkids by asking them to collect pine cones that they can add to the display.

Look up higher. If your entryway has a chandelier, hang colourful globes between its regular crystals to add a dash of fun and colour to the fixture. For a more traditional feel, find a mistletoe decoration to encourage friendly greetings as guests enter your home.

Christmas Ornament Decorating Ideas

At the dinner table

Instead of a floral centrepiece, place a pillar candle in a large glass hurricane at the centre of the table. Surround it with a collection of ornaments—we like ones that reflect the glow of the flame, such as clear glass orbs, or gold and silver Christmas ornaments.

If your look is more minimal than traditional, fill a large vase with bare tree branches and delicately hang ornaments off each limb. White ball ornaments, for example, are both elegant and sleek when paired with bare wintery boughs.

When it’s time to eat, invite guests to the table by placing an ornament at each seat as a place card. Hand write names on a card stock tag and attach each tag to a globe. Use twine for a rustic look or a silk ribbon for a more refined place setting.

Where you least expect it

Use a small ornament tree to display your collection in a powder room or guest bedroom. In the family room, or even on a stairwell landing, hang an ornament chandelier with a mix of ribbons, cards and Christmas ornaments for an unexpected celebration.

Take the opportunity to bring your holiday decorating into the kitchen—ornaments are the perfect fit for the space. Weave a petite evergreen bough in the light above your dining table, and hang ornaments using a pretty ribbon or clear line. Embellish tops of kitchen cabinets and other tall storage furniture with a bunting made from velvet ribbon and ornaments in a contrasting colour.

That's the thing about the holidays—if you're lucky, it finds its way into every nook, cranny and room of your home.

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