Colour Pops! 3 Easy (Low-Commitment) Ways to Create Colourful Kids Rooms

Colour Pops! 3 Easy (Low-Commitment) Ways to Create Colourful Kids Rooms

Kids are naturally drawn to bright colours—rainbows! sprinkles! finger paints!—and that’s why we’re big fans of a little design trick we call Colourful Kids’ Rooms, No Wall Paint Required. These are easy, low-commitment ways to add vibrant colours to your little one’s bedroom without even looking at a paint can.

(Pssst, you can even keep the walls white!)

Colourful Room Idea #1

 Create a colour palette with bedding & decor



A painterly patterned duvet and pastel-hued decor = a room filled with splashes of pink, orange bursts and sherbet vibes for days.



A vibrant mix of turquoise and yellow has us feeling like a summer day. And the whole colourful look and mood is achieved through bedding and decor. The walls and furniture are neutral as can be. Pretty cool, right?


Colourful Room Idea #2

 Make a bold statement with their favourite hues.



Another way into a colourful kid’s room is to invest in one colourful statement piece—rug, accent table, bed frame or removable wallpaper are all great options! Keep it simple with one bold dash of colour, or add in a few more tonal touches to round out the colour story.


Colourful Room Idea #3

 Rainbow (decor) sprinkles...



Because we’re big fans of rainbows and sprinkles . . . and rainbow sprinkles, we love the idea of creating bright, multicolour displays using decor, books and toys for visual interest with a personal touch. These colourful vignettes can be soft and subtle, big and bold, or created using your little one’s favourite hues.


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