4 New Ways to DIY Christmas Decor

4 New Ways to DIY Christmas Decor

This holiday, many of us have more time to lean into the seasonal spirit than ever before. Creating things with your hands can make the holiday season feel personal—whether your loved ones are gathering in person or celebrating virtually from afar. Follow along with these five tips to DIY Christmas decor.

Holiday Cypress

1. Just ask any parent—placing ornaments on the tree is an art. And while your kid’s homemade ornaments from school are super cute, they can oftentimes make a themed tree look cluttered and non-cohesive. Collect extra ornaments in a glass vase, cloche or hurricane to display around the home.

Bonus points: Hang ornaments on a spare tree created from branches secured in a vase.

Holiday ornaments

2. If you have boxes of ornaments taking up space in the attic, give them a second life as gift tags. Simply write your lucky recipient’s name in a permanent marker
and thread your gift ribbon through the ornament’s loop. This cute presentation plus your gift-giving skills might just earn you a spot in Santa’s hall of fame.

Holiday gifting

3. Who said window displays are just for department stores? String ornaments along a length of ribbon, hang your festive ornament garland in the window
and give the neighbours something to ooh and aah over.

Holiday gifting

4. Used to decking the halls with loved ones? Gather up a care package for mum or sis that includes a glue gun with glue, faux snow, a mason jar, twine and some faux garland. Include these easy instructions: "Cut up the garland and glue it together to form a mini holiday tree. Glue it to the lid of the jar, sprinkle in the powdered sugar, screw the jar on, flip and—voila! A DIY snow globe."

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